StreamerStudio as a Streamer Viewer

Streamer Studio all started with a personal need from Streamers looking for a better interaction with their viewers and fans. The solution is powered by People CD, Inc., a Las Vegas company that has been creating disruptive technology for the connected world since 2006.

Over the years as streaming sites has growth in popularity, the focus of big corporations is clearly on increasing their revenues more than focusing on the successes of streamers. That’s why Streamer Studio is stepping in by providing tools that are aiming on Streamer’s popularity, viewership, sponsorship and increasing their potential revenues.

Streamer Studio believes all Streamers should have access to their fans and not getting held hostage by the site they are streaming on. We also believe it’s important that a Streamer can move from a platform to another with a simple way to inviting their fan base that they have built over time.

How many times, have we seen some streamers getting banned and needing to start all over again on a new platform just because they lost all of their contact because of the ban.

At Streamer Studio, Streamers and Viewers are in the center of all of the decisions, that’s why you are invited to join Discord and be part of the conversation, sharing ideas and suggestions on what should be improved or created next.

Whether you are looking to be a part time or a full-time streamer, know that Streamer Studio is there for you.