Version 1.82 • November 3, 2022

New: Customizable name for for the donation section on the personal page (Settings -> Donation Titles)

New: Turn off the accordion donation menu for the personal page (Settings -> Donation Titles)

Preview of the end result the accordion option is turned off:

New: New options for the accordion donations. It’s possible to have the accordion open/close by default and showing/not showing the icons (Settings -> Donation Titles)

Adjustment: Tweaked the top menu for visitors or logged-in users.

Version 1.81 • October 25, 2022

New: Top donator (optional) showing up on your page within 1 click:

New: Donation Goal (optional) showing up on your page within 1 click:

New: When donating, can login with Twitch, Facebook and Google. (personal page automatically created)

Adjustment: home page text/description (Thanks to MsSophySticated and CaptainMcScript)

Adjustment: changelog page

Adjustment: YouTube and Facebook live videos


Version 1.80 • September 25, 2022

New: items in the public library under “Turn OFF a Software”

• Discord
• Overwatch

Step 1: Under “Alerts” -> “Turn OFF a software” click on “Add a Library Turn OFF a software Alert”

Step 2: Click on “Add this Perk” to any alerts. 

Once in your alerts you can change the price and other settings to your liking.

Version 1.79 • September 18, 2022

New: Library for all alerts. 1 click and it’s added to your donation page.

• Added: Donators can login with Twitch, Google or Facebook. Personal page created automatically.

• Tweaked: Settings -> Play sound source has a switch on/off that autosaves.

• Tweaked: Personal page

Version 1.78 • September 16, 2022

New: There’s a “Live” badge on your page when your Streamer Studio software is running in your computer. This way your friends and fans can troll you even when you are not streaming.

• Added: Badge of the year you have joined Streamer Studio. The badge is visible under your social links on your page.

Adjustment: Tweaked the way you are adding an alert.

Adjustment: Removed the sound duration on the donation page (it was confusing).

Version 1.77 • September 10, 2022

New: Twitch/YouTube Live/Facebook Live player on the homepage – Setup from the settings page

New: color selector

Adjustment: text color within the box (wasn’t visible)

Version 1.76 • September 9, 2022

• New: Software Version 1.69:

• New installer

• New uninstaller

• Playing animated GIF

• During launch it will display if there’s a key saved or not

Version 1.75 • September 8, 2022

New: Added optional countdown timer for all alerts

New: Challenge section

New: Added browser source sound optional from the settings

New: Added the option to have the alert text at the top or bottom of the screen

Adjustment: Image size is now centered

Version 1.74 • August 27, 2022

New: Streamer Studio Beta invite page.

New: Sample files for the alerts available on our discord channel.

New: Verified Twitch Partner and Twitch Affiliate badges automatically added to your page.

New: Added a button to remove your personal tests within the feeds.

Adjustment: Alert text automatically centered to the screen when there’s no images.

New: 2 options added for the images (size displayed on screen and transparency).

New: URL to convert MP3 to Wav for free.

Adjustment: Save button is on the left side and Cancel on the right side.

Adjustment: Name of the streamer is now showing up on the address bar of the browser/search engine. ex: Your Name | Streamer.Studio.

Version 1.73 • August 23, 2022

• Fixed: Paypal returning to 404 page.

• Fixed: Name not displaying (was showing Streamer Studio Bot for all donations).

Version 1.72 • August 21, 2022

New: Donation page displaying for logged in users how much he gave to streamers personally (displayed to the user only, not public information).

Version 1.71 • August 18, 2022

New: Perks page automatically created for Streamers.

Adjustment: Adjustments in the feeds (name of the alert, name of the donators, amount donated).

Adjustment: Page title to match the user name (streamers or supporters).

Adjustment: Name/order of the accordion menu to match the same name/order sitewide.

Adjustment: Browser source alert (spacing, added color, image optional).

• Added: Twitter to the social network options for the users.

Version 1.70 • August 16, 2022

New: Browser Source for Broadcaster Software.

New: Image and Sound displaying animated GIF.

Version 1.69 • April 7, 2022

• New: Streamer Studio Software v1.69 Beta for Windows 11/10.

New: Image & Sound Alerts.

• New: Mute my Speakers.

New: Mute my Microphone.

• New: Turn OFF my Monitor.

• New: Launch a Software/Game.

• New: Shutdown a Software/Game.