Streamer Studio Beta VIP Invitation

Thank you for being one of the very first beta testers of Streamer Studio!

Need Help?

Step 1 - Download the Streamer Studio and install the sofware

Step 2 - Add the Streamer Studio Software Key

Login Streamer.Studio with Twitch/Facebook or Google.
Click on Settings -> Streamer Studio Software Key and the Copy into memory button.

Paste the secret key and click Save. After minimize the software (don’t close it).

Step 3 - Setup and Test your alerts

The video below will give you a quick example on how to setup an alert and test it.
We are working on a Gallery but until it’s ready our discord channel will provide you with sample files.

You are all set!

Join our Discord to get support, share your experience and make suggestions.
Streamer Studio is made by Streamers for Streamers!