StreamerStudio fees as a Streamer Supporter

When you are using a Twitch extension on your channel:

  • You pay the equivalent of %20 in fees (ex: you get 1000 bits in extension – you will receive the equivalent of 800 bits and the developer of the extension will receive the equivalent of 200 bits).
  • When someone is buying bits, they are charged between 23% to 40% depending on the amount  of bits they buy.
  • You get paid 15 days after the 1st of the following month when you reach the minimum payout.

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For that reason, we have decided to do it our own way and keep things simple. Streamers pay 10% in fees and it’s reduced to 5% for Twitch Partners. Streamers get paid instantly by Paypal. The supporters don’t have any fees to pay. It cannot get better than this! 😉

As an example of a $15 donation with Bits in Extensions. The person donating will pay $19.95 ($4.95 in fees) and the streamer will receive $12 ($3 in fees) the following month.

By using  the same example with Streamer Studio the person donating will be charged $15 ($0 fees) and the streamer will receive instantly  $13.50 ($1.50 in fees).

In both cases, Paypal fees are in extra except for Twitch Partners that don’t pay deposit fees.

How many times, have we seen some streamers getting banned and needing to start all over again on a new platform just because they lost all of their contact because of the ban.

At Streamer Studio, Streamers and Viewers are in the center of all of the decisions, that’s why you are invited to join Discord and be part of the conversation, sharing ideas and suggestions on what should be improved or created next.

Whether you are looking to be a part time or a full-time streamer, know that Streamer Studio is there for you.