Getting Ready for Prime Time!

After months of hard work, we are ready to launch our first alerts. Here’s an overview of 6 alerts from our initial launch:

Image Encounter

This alert will display an image of your choice on top of your game or anything you do on your stream.

Sound of Silence

This alert will turn off all sounds on your computer. During the alert, it will be impossible to hear your friends or game.

Mic Drop

This alert will turn off your microphone. This will easily cut a long story short or silence yourself if you are singing.

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

This alert will turn off all of your monitors. During that time you won't see anything but your viewers will see you.

Close Encounter

This alert will turn off a software from your computer that you choose in advance. As an example, you can get your OBS to close with this alert.

Goodbye Streamer!

This alert will turn off your computer and stream. You have a few seconds to say goodbye to your viewers until your stream goes offline.

Make sure to join our Discord channel for support or for submitting ideas for future alerts/services.

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